Who are we ?

Our History

It was New Year’s Day 1996 when Daniel Therrien decided to start his own business and Planimage was born! Today, approximately 20 employees are committed to serving a diverse clientele from two distinct industries: architecture and construction.To support its growth and development, Planimage has decided to get involved in various market niches such as multimedia presentations, magazine publishing, and web application programming. Thanks to its vision, its flexibility and adaptability, Planimage leads the way in a fast-changing market.


Planimage stands out from its competitors by meeting and surpassing its clients’ needs and expectations, by offering superior-quality services and plans, by and being efficient and flexible, but mostly, by continuously trying to ensure the satisfaction of its staff and clients. At Planimage, we know that buying a house is an important step in one's life. That's why we don't simply want to sell plans; we want to help you plan your future.


• Being and remaining a leader in architectural design services throughout Canada
• Developing increasingly realistic visual presentation tools
• Elaborating new home styles and new work processes
• Continuing to offer comprehensive and quality architectural design services with the help of technologically advanced medias


Since it invests as much in research as in development, Planimage is able to meet its clients' requirements while keeping abreast of new technologies. Besides diversifying our services, we analyze emerging markets in order to better answer the demands of our current and potential clients.

Our Staff

Our company is known for its ability to design secure plans and services that meet the client's specifications. To be able to do that, Planimage can count on employees that are totally committed to their clients, on serious partners and advanced technologies. We have also always been completely open and honest regarding our company’s future. Our design and development experts do their best to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.


Since it was founded in 1996, Planimage has constantly maintained its commitment towards excellence while complying with industry standards for its plans and services, and ensuring it meets its client's needs. Thanks to its vision and strategies, the company strives to constantly improve its services and search for new technologies. For Planimage, maintaining its leadership status in its industry is not an option but a very specific goal.