Construction Price

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The building cost of our models is an approximate amount equivalent to what it would cost to have a general contractor (Montreal’s South Shore region) build a similar home, excluding the lot and the infrastructures. The amount includes everything related to building the house shown in the illustration such as materials, foundations (basement), electricity and plumbing, doors and windows, cabinets, interior finishing and labour, similar to what would be found in a contractor's model home. Additional costs such as an artesian well, a disposal field, landscaping, connection to the municipality’s electrical network, are not included in the building cost.

Our models are priced according to a square foot value including the additional elements found on the plan, for example a fireplace, exterior brick facing, an separate shower, etc. However, any modification made to the plan has to be taken into consideration and could affect the cost. It is important to understand that this cost represents an approximate value and that there can be a 5% to 10% difference depending on the period of the year and the region where the house is built. Furthermore, taxes are not included.

If you act as a contractor and want to build your house by yourself, you could save between 10% and up to 20% on the building cost depending on whether you do the work yourself or have it done.

Although our plans are ready to be used for building a home, floor and roof structures are “identified” but it's up to the manufacturers of floor joists and roof trusses to confirm it all. They usually provide a setup plan of their products.



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