Plans urbains

Plans urbains

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Living in the city has its advantages and disadvantages, and it really boils down to a question of taste. The hardcore city dwellers will tell you that they could never live anywhere else but in a big city. However, since urban environments usually offer less space, dwellings must be highly functional and yet still appealing. In this new issue of Planimage magazine, we’ll introduce you to two buildings designed by architects specifically for a crowded urban environment: I-House, or House of the horizon, a three-storey house located in Nagasaki, Japan, and an ultramodern apartment with a unique mezzanine located in Budapest. You will also find the ten big design trends of 2016, and to coincide with the Milan International Furniture Exhibition, we decided to have a look at what’s being designed in Italy at the moment. The result is three articles on the subject – on the new Italian rugs presented in Milan, another one on Italian faucet company Palazzani, and a profile of Italian designer Marcantonio Raymondi Malerba. This new issue also contains more than 350 plans, with 10 new urban house plans. Enjoy!

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Edition 91 Year 2016
Pages 164