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Architecture has always been considered a noble and prestigious profession. Throughout history and cultures, the great architects of this world have always excelled in their field, and we are still in awe today at the outstanding architectural heritage they left behind. This issue of Planimage magazine pays tribute to their creative genius. We’ll introduce you to a truly unique home – The Mimosa house, in Singapore, where modern architecture complements nature in an exceptional way. Our new issue features over 180 house plans, including 72 plans of Prestige houses, 20 new plans of modern houses, 20 plans of multigenerational homes, plans of dream houses, and more… We’re back with a second segment covering the new products presented last spring during Milan’s prestigious international furniture show. Finally, you’ll find a special section on Montreal’s Little Italy, as well as profiles of a few well-known Italian-Canadians such as Stefano Faita, Jean Airoldi and Angela Minicucci! Enjoy!

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Edition 85 Year 2014
Pages 196