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During the last 250 years, no less than 73 architectural styles appeared throughout the world – from neoclassical, to Victorian, to the Modern Movement, the Bauhaus and Art Deco, and finally sustainable architecture. The “style” regroups the various aesthetic elements that allow us to define and evaluate the architecture of a house, among other things. This latest issue of Planimage magazine takes you on a worldwide tour of magnificent architect houses in different styles… You’ll see tiny and large apartments in Poland and Brazil, houses built between the sky and the sea, like the “bird house” in Majorca and the Seaview house in New-Zealand, ultramodern homes like the Andrew Road house in Singapore, and four exquisite vacation homes, all different and all located in South America – in Chile, Columbia and Peru. In addition to 300 spectacular house plans, including 25 brand new ones, we’re introducing three well-known Quebec style “experts” – Frédéric Metz, Émilie Cerreti, and Daniel Corbin, who designed the beautiful contemporary house on our cover. Finally, those who like to learn and get their hands dirty will enjoy the articles on DIY building and exterior finishes. Enjoy!

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Edition 83 Year 2014
Pages 228