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Truly prestigious concepts command respect and admiration, whether they have to do with architecture, design or fashion. The new crop of prestigious houses that we’re presenting here will take you on a mini-world tour. You’ll discover an elegant villa in Portugal, a LEED Platinum residence in California, a cubic house in Australia, a beach pavilion in Peru, a unique apartment in Poland, and an ultramodern home in Toronto. Our new issue includes 10 new plans of Prestige houses that are included in the hundred or so plans presented, including the prestigious Planimage European style home from our front cover. In our Special Milan, on the prestigious international furniture show, you’ll discover the cream of the crop of the new design trends. Closer to home, you’ll enjoy profiles on designers Marie-Christine Lavoie and Manon Leblanc, as well as a flash interview with France Arcand. Last but not least, Simon Sauvé, from Des idées de grandeur dans ma cour, presents his terrace under the trees! Enjoy!

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Edition 81 Year 2013
Pages 180