500 Plans

500 Plans

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In this issue there is an exclusive report on the 50th anniversary of BMR which includes interviews with their ambassadors Hugo Girard and Valérie Taillefer as well as a profile of Mr. Pierre Bazinet, proud owner of a BMR hardware store and father of two famous singers, Bobby Bazini and Kevin Bazinet. This special issue “500 plans” by Planimage offers the most popular designs according to our customers and includes many cottage and exterior project designs that you will surely want to keep. Planimage designs are masterfully crafted by a team of architecture specialists who worked hard to create plans to satisfy all tastes and fit any budget. It’s possible to have any design modified by talking to our design modification experts. To do so, please call 1-800-752-6744. Enjoy!

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Edition 5 Year 2017
Pages 132