Projets extérieurs

Projets extérieurs

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We’ve waited long enough – it’s finally summertime and the living is easy! We can open our doors and windows and enjoy being outside. After an endless winter, it will be wonderful to live outdoors, an increasingly popular trend as evidenced by the plethora of gazebos, furniture and other accessories designed to provide a comfortable living environment outdoors. In this new issue of Outdoor Projects, Planimage presents a series of plans that you can use to design an outdoor space out of this world – for an outdoor kitchen, a deck, a garden shed, a garage, and more. We also feature designer Johanne Morency’s favorite new products for summer 2014, a profile of Catherine Lambert, an interior designer who shares this summer’s new outdoor trends, as well as a special section on outdoor dreams coming true. Have a great summer… outdoors!

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Edition 1 Year 2014
Pages 100